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Get your RackBack! The RackBack is a rack system that adds rack space to the top of your existing cargo box. This rack mounts directly to your Can-Am 12 Gallon cargo box and provides additional rack space on top of your existing cargo box. Each rack is made from 1/2" HDPE and has integrated OEM Lock-in Style connections provided to allow for additional linq mounted accessories.


* NOTE!: view interior box picture before purchase - some boxes differ and do not accept this rack. - Only interior box lids with dimples for mounting will work with this rack system Rack comes with directions and stainless steel mounting hardware. (Approximate 10 minute installation time) Installation requires:- 10mm socket and ratchet- Allen Wrench 4mm (5/32")- Drill and Drill bit 7mm (1/4") Approximate Rack storage capacity - 25 lbs

RackBack Additional box rack - Fits Can-Am 12 Gallon Box

SKU: 217537123517253
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